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The ITC funded project "RFID Tag and Reader Technologies at UHF band for Logistics Management" is started on 1 July 2005 by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. To develop the core technologies in RFID tags and readers and related networking and to apply the RFID technology to logistics management, the proposed research will investigate most of practical issues in building a RFID systems and its network implementation. Two common and complimentary RFID systems, namely passive and active systems, at UHF are to be developed. On the top of system, an advance Logistics management platform will be implemented and tested in realistic environments.

In addition to integrating existing technologies into the prototype systems, several key technologies will be developed in the project. This includes low power saving for active tags and water content environments; novel use of multilayer flexible PCB substrate for tags; low cost electronically steering antenna array for readers; new anti-collision method implemented in the readers; Integration of active tag and reader; and interface of middleware and applications; RFID networking using IEEE802.11 technology; and a supply/demand, shipment/receive pegging network based on RFID technology.

It is believed that with the development of RFID technology, people can further explore other business opportunities in, for example, more efficient ways to control the logistic flow in PRD region, new methods of counterfeit prevention, and the manufacturing industry for making low cost RFID tags and readers.

Team includes Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Information Engineering and Department of System Engineering and System Management. This team has integrated all required expertise for the RFID project. RFID system constitutes of the three parts Hardware, Middleware and the Application level. Each of the co responding department is responsible for each part of the RFID system.

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