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What is Active RFID

CuhkRFID Application
CUHKRFID Application

When it comes to some particular issue such as the identification and monitoring on chemicals, there are a number of challenges in the warehouse storage. However, there are some safety considerations for the realization, the most important one of which is the energy level that is transmitted with while the RFID system is working around chemical materials. It would induce possible explosion if the attached materials is flammable. Besides, the containers used for chemicals are usually made of metal, where the passive RFID could not work properly with low radio energy inspiration due to the surface effect. Furthermore, the high-quality and lasting performance of active RFID system could exhaust the scope of the wireless and human less working around the extreme dangerous chemicals, whereby the safety problem could be effectively impaired; so active RFID system is suitable for the adoption in the warehouse for hazard chemicals.
As for the general application in the ordinary warehousing process, active RFID also show its advantages on the tracking and tracing issue as well as the interoperability with passive one. Taking the cost of deployment of RFID system into account, usually items may not be necessary to be distinguished when it is collected, uploaded, and packed together. Therefore, passive tags would be attached on the item level, with the installation only on the case, pallet, even container level for the sake of information aggregation by the support of middleware and applications. In that case, the information of all items contained in the cases, loaded on the pallets, encapsulated in the containers would be nested visible instantly as a whole.

   Functionalities of Logistics Application
  • Tag assignments for new items
  • Product check in auto-scanning and check in order confirmation
  • Product pick up auto-scanning and pick up order confirmation
  • Inventory level automatic counting
  • Pallet-level information aggregation
RFID Benefits
  • Efficient and batch identification capability, quick and accurate data collection and transmission
  • Well interoperability with existing enterprise level application
  • Track ability and traceability along supply chain
  • Flexible storage volume to adopt diverse implementations
  • High security and hard to be counterfeited, tampered, and contaminated
  • Long distance and contactless working mechanism, working capability in extreme condition
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